crowdsourcing project to stop dangerous drivers

inattentive, aggressive and dangerous driving are killing just as many people as DUI drivers.

we can fight back, the digital cameras are becoming cheap enough to video our daily drives and upload the more egregious ones to you tube or another video service and post links here. i created a channel called STOPMVA on you tube, so your videos can be categorized there

Hopefully the negative publicity will correct dangerous driving habits, and also aide law enforcement and injured parties in legal actions

Hit and runs may also be caught

There are a couple other cameras out there that i will post about, i just wanted get this blog rolling

The slaughter on the local roadways caused me to start this blog.

it will only succeed with your user input , i do not drive much anymore, so i can’t get the videos.

dash cams are cheap enough for everybody to use. i have been using a Oregon scientific i purchased for $ 99 it is clunky and a bit hard to get used to but it works. The newer ones I highlighted here seem to be much better.

i saw this camera for sale today at $79, have no idea on how well it works, i am going to order one. [vendor name removed until vendor responds to multiple inquires about my order and improper shipping charge]dash cam


One Response to crowdsourcing project to stop dangerous drivers

  1. stopmva says:

    i am not a web designer or blogger, this is my first attempt, my goal is to get the message out there and assist people in video blogging their commutes and driving trips. There is a new generation of drivers and technology that does not mix. Too many people believe that they are capable of driving when using a cell phone. We all pick up bad habits that can cause death and serious injury to ourselves and innocent people. We need to rethink our driving habits and work together to stop this epidemic of dangerous driving. Children are growing up watching their parents use cell phones while driving.

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