30 second test clip from the $79 Dashcam

January 8, 2008

i also gave a short review of the camera on the youtube clip , will update later , just wanted to get this out there

30 second test clip of $79 dash cam


dash cam catches hit and run

December 30, 2007

not sure where this was taken , but it does show the time frame before the collision and the collision. Hopefully this dashcam lead to the apprehension of the hitrun driver.

13 year old bicyclist killed by texting hitrun driver

December 29, 2007

Taunton, Massachusetts 13 year old killed by texting hit run driver

article in Boston Globe.com By Anna Badkhen, Globe Staff

The man accused of killing a 13-year-old boy in a hit-and-run in Taunton told police he was behind the wheel typing a text message on his cellphone when he lost control of the sport utility vehicle and hit what he thought was a mailbox, a prosecutor said today in court.

Georgia communities take action against speeding

December 28, 2007

The Neighborhood Pace Car Program

Georgia community is taking direct action with pace cars and speed guns.

Eight steps to stop neighborhood speeding are traffic calming measures used by neighborhood program

Washington State implements no texting while driving law

December 28, 2007

MSN Washington State texting law

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington State Patrol plans to vigorously enforce the state’s new law against sending text messages while driving, once that law takes effect on January 1, 2008.

“Texting while driving was always a bad idea,” said WSP Chief John R. Batiste. “Things happen too fast on the highway to take your eyes off the road long enough to read or type a message.”

Because texting while driving is a secondary violation, troopers cannot stop drivers if they see it occurring. But it could mean drivers end up with two tickets instead of just one.

Oregon implements cellphone teen drivers law

December 28, 2007

Oregon teen driver =no cell phone law

New law restricts use of cell phones and text messaging by teens

Beginning January 1, 2008, you are not allowed to “operate a motor vehicle while using a mobile communication device” if you are under 18 years of age and hold:
1) an instruction permit;
2) a provisional driver license; or
3) a special student driver permit. mobile communication device is defined as “a text messaging device or a wireless, two-way communication device designed to receive and transmit voice or text communication.”
the offense, operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile communication device, is a Class D traffic violation. conviction for this violation counts toward the Provisional Driver Improvement Program.

British drivers could face jail for using mobile

December 24, 2007

London drivers facing harsher penalties for cellphone use

Thursday, December 20, 2007; 9:04 AM

LONDON (Reuters) – British motorists caught talking on a hand-held mobile phone or sending a text while driving could be jailed under guidelines due to be published on Thursday.

In the most serious cases, they could be charged with dangerous driving, which carries a two-year maximum sentence and an unlimited fine, according to a BBC report.

Currently, motorists face an automatic fine and three points on their license under the lesser charge of careless driving.

more at washington post